The New Reps

Thank you to everyone that applied to be part of this year’s School Council. Unfortunately not everyone could be shortlisted and be included in the blind votes in class.

Congratulations to the children below who are this year’s School Council Representatives:

Aiden – Year 1 CC

Shi Ying – Year 1 EC

Patrick  – Year 1 DC

Leesha – Year 2 MS

John – Year 2 HS

Davina – Year 3 ES

Hafsa – Year 3 LH

Michael – Year 3 RK

Areena – Year 4 SB

Charlie – Year 4 SB

Lubaya – Year 4 DM

Olaseni – Year 4 DM

Lilanna – Year 5 LM

Adwaya – Year 5 LM

Tia – Year 5 RA

J’maarni – Year 5 RA

Savanna – Year 6 MJ

Alex – Year 6 MJ

Keira – Year 6 SK

Umaad – Year 6 SK

Some of the older children will not only be their class representative but also have additional responsibilities such as chair, vice- chair, secretary, treasurer, Early Years Representative (EYFS) and Parent/Governor Representatives.

The School Council’s first meeting will take place on Wednesday 27th September at 2.30pm.



Welcome back and Looking for New School Council Representatives

Welcome back to school!

If you would like to apply to be on school council this year please see the poster around school for more information or ask Miss Whiteley for an application form (KS2).

If you are in KS1 please think about why you would make a good representative for your class and speak to your teacher.

Wanted SC Reps poster

The closing date is Friday 15th September.

Leeds Youth Voice Summit

Today four School Council Representatives, Abdul, Toni, Deivid and Abi attended the Youth Voice Summit held at the Leeds Civic Hall.

The children talked about democracy, took part in a pupil voice workshop and case studies. They also visited the chambers at the Civic Hall and held question time with the Lord Mayor of Leeds and met Steve Walker, Director of Children’s Services.

They learnt a lot and they will be sharing their experiences at the next School Council Meeting.

3 Form Entry Consultation Meeting

This morning members of School Council met with Tracy Waud, Planning Manager and her colleague Laura to talk about the proposal of school becoming 3 form entry.e children talked about some of the positives that they could think of such as more children to make friends with but also raised a lot of concerns about losing outdoor space, the hall not being big enough, more queues at lunchtime, wildlife habitats being destroyed, an increased amount of traffic and resources.

They also asked Tracy lots of questions such as Abdul asked “Do you have a building plan?”  Emily asked “Will the electricity bill go up?” and “Could we build ‘upstairs’?” to Toni’ asking “Will there be enough places at High School if we have more children?”